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Willy - Photographer, Surfer, World Traveler

1. What's your passion and / or profession (business)? How did you get started/why were your drawn to that? 
Photography. It's my language, how I speak/communicate. 
2. What's special about Red Hook for you / your business? 
Red Hook is a community of independent creatives who are building businesses with a conscious culture and spirit aligned with the way I live. They're engaging with the world in authentic and innovative ways that are about community and a work-live lifestyle that reflect my core values.  
3. What makes Kempton & Co. bags right for your life / work / style? 
There's a seamlessness for me between my work and personal life. My Kempton & Co. bags are an extension of that seamlessness as they easily go anywhere I go. They work for my day-to-day and adventurous lives equally.
I travel with my Kempton & Co. totes everywhere... From LA, to Maine, to Manhattan - for meetings and openings in the City, to camping in national parks and surfing in Montauk - on boats planes, trains, and bikes. They're rugged enough that I don't need to be cautious about them, but still have a design aesthetic that works with everything in my closet.
Like the threadbare canvas bags I grew up with, K&Co. bags feel like something I've had for ages. I'll carry my Kempton & Co. bag for as long it survives my venturing. For me, it's the perfect balance of fashion and function. 

4. Where is your next adventure with your Kempton bags?
Montauk, then Portland, Oregon!
Check out some of Willy's work on her website,






Lena Bragina Erven- Interior Designer, Mother, Traveler


1. What's your passion and / or profession (business)? How did you get started/why were your drawn to that? 

I am an interior designer. I was inspired to become one due to growing up around my father's own designs; he's an architect. I studied at Parsons School of Design and went on to work for Starwood Hotels, Roman and Williams, Tsao and McKowon, Kara Mann, and I currently work at Gachot Studios.


2. What makes Kempton & Co. bags right for your life / work / style? 

Kempton & Co. bags fit all my stuff into one bag. I love how each bag looks good with any outfit, I can dress them up or down, day to evening, and can even bring them to the beach. Plus they house all my kids' things too!  Of course I have a pouch or two that separates all my things and can easily grab for a night out or coffee run.  The Black Suede clutch is my staple for a work meeting as it's roomy enough for a laptop, iPad and papers.


3. Where is your next adventure with your Kempton bags?  

I'm currently traveling between NYC and Detroit where I work on the Shinola Hotel. I'll be out in East Hampton for the rest of the summer with the family, Kempton will join of course. 


Natalie - Wood and metalworker, owner of Supersmith Brooklyn, fellow Land Rover owner

What is your passion and or profession- How did you get started?

I run a workshop; wood-shop, metal-shop, and ceramic studio. We have a store where we hold classes, events, and sell work that everyone is producing.  For a number of years I was a painter and then turned to custom furniture and build outs. Custom wasn't for me so I built my workshop so I could develop my own work.

The woodwork and the metalwork, is such a male dominated field, Did you have an inspiration- Father Brother, or did it just come naturally?

Growing up I’ve always had some kind of knowledge of how things were built in my grandfathers house. He had a workshop in his basement where we spent a lot of time. Building seems to run in our family. My grandfathers, father built this beautiful tool chest that I inherited and I still use his tools everyday. 

What’s special about Red Hook for you in your business?

Red Hook is really a perfect tight knit supportive community. We had the most beautiful experience, our neighbors helped build the shop. It was amazing. After their day jobs they would come over and tell us to put them to work. The whole experience was so beautiful, the fire department even showed up! We are so fortunate, we have a wonderful community around us.

 What makes Kempton & Co. bags right in your life?

I have a rugged lifestyle. Kempton & Co. bags emulate who you are. I have the Safari Stripe  Crossbody and matching pouch which is so versatile. I can fit a whole day worth of “stuff” in my bag. My laptop, gym shoes, lunch, sweater…the space is endless but everythign stays organized thanks to the interior pockets and pouch.  

 What is your next adventure in your Range Rover with your Kempton bags?

 We go to Maine every summer and camp out of my truck. My Kempton &Co. bag has become a necessity for me in my everyday life and when I travel. I pack a couple of things in my cross body and then throw it in my trunk. It’s great because with Kempton & Co. bags I don't have to worry about the durability.


Emma Phillips - Digital Marketer, Daughter, Sister, Artist



1. What is your profession and passion?

I work in digital marketing for a start-up in beauty. I absolutely love what I do, but my passion in my free time is modern and contemporary art. 
2. How did you first get involved with Kempton & Co.?
My Mom mentioned she had met this awesome woman named Fiona who made amazing bags, and gave me the simple leather black pouch. After that, we were all hooked. It's rare to find a brand with beautiful things, a cool founder, and an authentic story. Kempton's got it all.
3. What do you love to do that includes Kempton & Co.?
My favorite thing to do is travel and discover new things, usually revolving around art and with friends. Whether it's a trip to Miami for Art Basel, hiking in Chile, or just meeting friends at a new spot for drinks I have a Kempton bag for whatever I'm doing. Kempton
& Co. is also my go-to gift, so it's rare I go out and at least one of my friends doesn't also have a K&Co. bag. If I'm traveling with my family, you can count on each person having at least one Kempton bag... But usually two.
4. How has Kempton & Co. adapted between the styles of yourself and the rest of your family?
We're all so different when it comes to style, but somehow Kempton & Co. is all of our favorites. My mom has a stunning classic style, my sister Olivia is the model-esque edgy one, and Anna is always in jeans and a t-shirt or a jumpsuit. I'm completely different, my friends always joke everything I own is business casual (although I like to think I have more style than that...). Kempton is so great because every single bag works with all of our styles, even though they are so distinctly different. There's a lot of bag sharing and stealing when we're all together.
5. What is different about your style than the rest of your family?
I definitely gravitate more to simple staples than the rest of my family, taking a risk for something trendy here and there. My Mom and sisters definitely are more adventurous and totally pull it off. Once I find something I like, I also want to wear it everyday. 
6. What is your next adventure with Kempton & Co.? 
Heading out to Montauk for Labor Day weekend with my Postal Silver Stripe Crossbody. I honestly won't go anywhere without it.




Emery Olson- Employee, Student, Native Brooklyner

1. What's your passion? How did you get started? Why were your drawn to that? 
I am currently going into my senior year at UMass Amherst. I am pursuing a degree in economics and a certificate in film studies. I went to UNIS in Midtown and was drawn to both economics and film while taking classes in high school. As I got to my senior year, I realized that they were more interconnected than you would normally think, and it drives me to discover more about both subjects. 

2. What's special about Red Hook for you? 
Red Hook gives a sense of community that is unlike any other neighborhood I've lived in in Brooklyn. We take care of each other and make sure that we're heading in the right direction.
3. What makes Kempton & Co. bags right for your life / work / style? 
At school, my bag has many different jobs. Taking my laptop to class, carrying sneakers to the rec center, going out to dinner with friends, and even being a weekend bag for when I visit my parents. But my bag doesn't look like anyone else's. That's important to me when there's 18,000 undergrad students around me. Kempton has helped me redefine my independent identity. 
4. Where is your next adventure with your Kempton bag?
Going back to school in the Fall!

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