It's the perfect season to finally get organized! You can easily find the things you're looking for when you get organized, and it's proven to boost your self confidence! Before the new year hits, we want to share some practical items, that'll help make rummaging through your bag a much easier task. 
    Let's start with the mini pouch! I'm constantly on the go, so it's imperative that I always have a charger in my bag! The Mini Pouch in Metallic Rain Gold is the perfect size for me to store my charger. It can also be used to store your headphones, AirPods, a pair of keys, or you can easily use it as a coin purse!
    Whatever you decide, it's the perfect item to throw in your everyday bag!

Safeguard your jewels with our Jewelry Roll! This is an ideal leather accessory for traveling, but I personally think it's a great throw in for my gym bag! I can take off my jewelry for the day, secure it in my jewelry roll and throw it in my gym bag without a worry! 
Keep your business cards, loyalty cards, debit cards, credit card and cash organized with the Windsor Wallet. The handmade cowhide wallet (available in black or brown) has enough compartments and slots, to help keep all your items together.
Our cosmetic cases are a must-have! Again, another great throw in for your everyday bag! It's a practical size to fit your travel-sized makeup and any other small items you may need. They vary in color, prints and texture if you wanted to collect more than one.

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