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The story behind the Kempton & Co polo inspired designs

Gaucho strap

The game of Polo can be classified as one of the oldest team sports. Originated in Persia, the game was eventually played in other part of the world like Arabia, China, India, Tibet, Japan, Europe, and the US. It was in Argentina that the game received unprecedented popularity and Polo became the national game of the country. 

Polo players in Argentina, as in all sports, wear team uniforms that distinguish them from each other. The polo belt became part of the uniform. Originally made from the leather of the cows they herded, the Argentinian gauchos stitched the polo belts by hand, in various team colors with the iconic pampa diamond motif.

Fiona, our designer, polo player and founder of the Kempton & Co brand, was inspired by the gaucho belt while visiting Argentina and wanted to bring the pampa diamond design into the Kempton & Co bags.

As polo belts can be classified as a much sought-after accessory you must own, thanks to Fiona's designs the polo belt trend can now be found on your favorite Kempton & Co bag! 






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