Whether you're traveling for those last moments on the mountain or escaping because you're sick of winter, Kempton & Co. has the perfect bag to take along with you.

Each bag comes with two slot pockets and a place to tuck your pen in. As well, there's a handy key clip to make sure they don't fall to the bottom of your bag. What I love about the pockets is that they can fit my card holder and phone without me worrying about them. Though I use all my pouches endlessly, there's some things (like card, keys, and wallet) that you need to have at a moment's notice.


Our Urban Beach Totes are great for the ski trip coming up, as you can fit a helmet or two with all the warm accessories. The Urban Beach Tote is gorgeous for everyone to be jealous of, but subtle enough that no one in the lodge will be eyeing so much they take your things home with them. Because of the Urban Beach Totes being canvas, you can also fold them and tuck them away for easy packing in the luggage on the way there, and use it on the way back if you bring more goodies with you!


I also love the canvas pouches to fit all the small ski essentials. I carry my ski wax, goggles, liners, and a fresh pack of hand/toe warmers for the day. The canvas pouch can carry all that easily! Though Spring skiing is gorgeous, you don't want to be caught on the mountain ill-prepared for a cold front or a rock on the trail... Make sure you bring everything before you have to pay the price of the mountain shop.


In March, it's definitely time for us to reassess how much we love Winter. Spring taunts us with warm weather followed with a cold snap. We hope those who are more prone to that extra layer of long underwear are going somewhere warm to defrost before the busy Spring season. One way of transitioning into Spring is to give a pop of sparkle... The Metallic Canvas crossbody is great because as it distresses with time, it becomes a whole new bag.


Again, pouches are ideal for that tropical retreat. We preach this, but the pouches are the best to stash sunnies, lotion, your phone (in a waterproof case of course), and your room key. We hope you're at an all inclusive resort... So you won't need anything else! If you do though, the pouches will fit more.

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