Pack It Kempton & Co. Style!

1) We start with an ample-sized Kempton & Co. handbag or tote. Then, we get to packing.


2) First to go in is one of our Kempton & Co. Small Leather and/or Canvas Pouch bags--perfect for your smaller workaday essentials. Think iPhone, phone charger, keys, a few credit cards/billfold.



3) Then, in goes one of Kempton & Co.'s signature Makeup Bags. Keep your go-to lipstick, scent and other necessary toiletries stowed in one of these gorge little numbers.


4) For larger handbags or totes, we then pop in a Kempton & Co. Medium Clutch. Or two. It's your go-to glam carryall for everything from snacks or suits at the beach to your iPad mini, notepad, pen, bits and bobs at work.

It's also a no-fail choice as a standalone clutch, when you don't want to tote the whole kahuna.


Pack smart, gorgeous!

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