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5 Things We Are Grateful For

5 Things We Are Grateful For
As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches and whispers of Black Friday sales circle around us, the days get busier as everyone prepares. It's easy to get overwhelmed for a moment. So we've taken a moment to think about some of the things we want to show appreciation for besides our beautiful bags. 
Here are 5 things we are grateful for at Kempton & Co. this holiday season.
1. Our Customers & Online Community 
We’re absolutely thankful for our online community. Without your support, our success thus far would not have been possible.
2. Our Local Red Hook 
To our beloved Red Hook, we’re thankful for your rustic beauty and the community that comes with it. 
3. Kenyan Artisans 
We’re especially grateful for our friends in Kenya that help craft our beautifully made toggles. We appreciate the hard work and great detail that goes into creating such special pieces, unique in every way. 
4. The Kempton Team 
Thank you to our team, for helping the day-to-day run smoothly. We’re grateful for the hard work that goes into keeping Kempton & Co. special and distinct. Everyone plays an extremely special role in the success of this company, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have such a delightful group of people to work with. 
5. Our Global Inspiration 
Our global inspiration runs deep. We’re grateful for the experience Fiona was able to capture as a young woman growing up in England. Her love of horses, and the whimsical feel of the Hamptons inspired a company beautifully rare in its own right.

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