We all are guilty of waiting 'till the last minute to shop for our loved ones. Though we've had some fab customers buy christmas gifts in August, we don't always plan out that well!
Have you checked out our newest Gold collection? A bit of glam, a bit of holiday glimmer. We promise you'll have the best gift to give them under the tree.
Our 2018 Gold collection is just small accessories. Make sure that they don't only get that big ticket item (a trip, jewelry, whatever it may be...) but round out the collection with something that they'll use every day.
You may have noticed by now that our Gold collection is a bit more exclusive... Handmade in our Long Island workshop, and the leathers have their own story. 
While some are flown in from Italy, others are laser cut. All are made uniquely for us with your special someone in mind. The lambskins are buttery soft, while the shimmers will catch anyone's eye and make your accessory the center of attention.
We know that the holidays are a busy time, our medium pouches are making sure everything's in one place while you take your keys, gloves, and go!
A bit too large for your taste? The small pouches are perfect for just your wallet and phone while you throw everything in a bag!
And of course, we have our classic cosmetic case. While you may be tanning on a beach or hitting the slopes, make sure you carry everything in style. Don't forget your glam applies to all your accessories!
Speaking of trips, do you tend to lose just one airpod? Are your cords always in a tangle? The mini pouches are also a great touch to hang on the tree while you celebrate another holiday together. 

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