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Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day

From sustainably made bags & accessories, to socially conscious beauty products, let's make the change together.

We have all witnessed of-late the numerous memes going around stating “I feel like Mother Nature has sent us all to our rooms to think about what we’ve done”.   As we sit here, in quarantine EARTH DAY 2021 has come around and we feel this couldn’t be more relevant.

Kempton & Co. have always made it a priority to work with the earth and its depleting natural resources. Here are a few ways in which we operate and the small businesses that we choose to work alongside as we all try to support and preserve the world we live in. Every little bit we do helps.



As we all head out in solidarity to collect our groceries, go plastic free in style and haul those items back in your Kempton & Co. canvas shopping tote. Proceeds from the profits made from our NY TOUGH totes will go towards God's Love we Deliver an organization that helps fight hunger right here, supporting those in need throughout COVID-19 and beyond.  Because we love New York and together we are NY Tough!


Reclaimed  Design:  Help us support a community

Our handcrafted bone toggles are made from reclaimed ankhole cow horn and recycled brass.   Produced in workshops that employ craftsmen and women who live and reside in Kibera, Kenya one of Africa’s largest urban slums. The income they earn from working on these toggles, is invested back in to their goals for improved lives, better housing, affording school fees for their children, and supporting their extended family. With every purchase you make, you directly support these artisans in building a future for themselves and their community. 


NATURE BAGS: 100% Sustainable & Strong

The Nature Bag helps local villages create a product that reduces the poverty in rural areas of Loas. Despite their delicate, fine netting appearance these bags are not only exceptionally lightweight, they are strong! 

100% Eco Friendly

Created by Khmu artisans, preserving an ancient craft and art, these gauze-like, woven bags are made from one of nature's own resources: Jungle Vines.  Traditionally used to haul food and other essentials these jungle net bags are 100% eco friendly and 100% natural. 

100% Beautiful

Nature Bags is an incredible foundation that supports Laos and it's rural villages, areas that would otherwise struggle to survive in this modern world we have created.  Preserving their way of life and their strong community spirit, these fine thread bags are perfect for piling in all of life's necessitiesand pretty enough to team with your favorite quarantine look.


Nothing wasted, everything gained

Did you know that our small leather accessories are made of offcuts taken from our larger handbag range, so as to maximize every inch of material used. Nothing goes to waste.  Fine draw string leather bags, electronic chord holders and the prettiest little leather pouches, all of which are stylish, functional and sustainable.


Keep our oceans clean and swell 

Why buy bottled water when you can have a chic and stylish reusable water bottle that represents you individual style. Being eco friendly never looked so good! 


Be kind to your skin and the world 

Coconut oil, a product that can be used for a myriad of purposes including, make-up removal, full head to toe hydration, de-puffing of eyes (we all have them), moisturizer  for lips and nails along with so much more. Try a dollop of it in your tea and coffee for an immunity and metabolism boost. Our team at Kempton & Co. swear by this little trick. Concious Coconut is simple, organic and easy to use and take everywhere.  Another wonder of mother nature that we can't seem to get enough of. 

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