Kempton & Co. has grown to be synonymous with technology friendly handbags of washed leathers, waxed canvas and vintage textiles but step into our Red Hook or Nolita location and you'll find much more from brands and designers we've fallen in love with over the years.
This week we'd like to draw your attention to Monica Castiglioni, a native of Milan and graphic designer, photographer and jewelry maker of more than 30 years. Castiglioni's progressive, almost exclusively bronze pieces are reminiscent of sculptures thanks to a gold smithery course she took with jewel designer and sculptor, David De Paoli. The level of craftsmanship is evident with each piece of jewelry reflecting the hands of an artist who has true ownership of her artistry and can't stop creating.
Many of Castiglioni's pieces are inspired by re-imaginations of sights she takes in on a daily basis. A frequent source of inspiration for Castiglioni are pistils - the dynamic, reproductive part of the flower. Castigliani recalled looking at a pistil under a microscope and seeing an "infinite chaos" and within that initial chaos was a beautiful, geometric source of order and balance. 
If you noticed in the above images, you'll see that she frequently uses bronze in her sculptures. What's important to know about bronze is that its a living material, it interacts with your skin's PH and changes its appearance in line with your mood and your health making each piece truly unique to every person and moment. 
Castiglioni understands the indomitable beauty that comes with harmonizing science and art together and our designer, Fiona, has been personally collecting Monica Castiglioni jewelry for years for that very reason. Look below for a peak into Fiona's gorgeous supply of Castiglioni originals
If you'd like to purchase any of her pieces from Kempton and Co please visit us at our Red Hook location at 392 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn. 718 596 2225

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