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Meet the Kempton & Co. Team

Posted on 22 July 2020

Meet the Kempton & Co. Team!
Kempton & Co. is a small business that employs some amazing individuals.  As the work from home life continues we have found fun ways to stay in touch to work. 
We have a few new traditions that we have replace our old ones with. No longer are we sipping coffee on our Red Hook stoop basking in the morning sun. Instead we have replaced with “HOUSEPARTY” cocktail hour to finish the day.
We thought it'd be a great time to introduce you to the faces behind the bags and their  survival tips to life in isolation/quarantine.
What was the first thing you stocked up on as soon as you heard we were going into isolation?
British Heinz baked beans, and Tequila! Both vital in order to survive.
What is your number 1 go to in quarantine to help you stay inspired and to help continue to drive your creativity?
The outdoors! Watching spring unfold, hoping that it is a reflection of new beginnings and a sign of new life that is to come.
 What is your favorite part of owning your own small business?
My favorite part about running a small business is the ever changing landscape and problem-solving. Growing up with entrepreneurial parents I learnt from a young age how to make a lot happen with limited resources. I relish nothing more than rising up to the challenges that face us and giving it my best shot.
How are you currently coping in quarantine/ Isolation?
Like everyone else, I’ve been trying to stick to a regular routine. This includes my daily gym regime so that I am staying fit and healthy throughout this time.
What is keeping you calm at the moment?
Currently going for drives and also going for runs. Getting a slight change of scenery is helping me keep my sanity.
What is your favorite thing about working for a small Business?
I have worked with Fiona from the beginning, so watching the business grow and develop has been a highlight.
Why do you like working for a small company?
I like working for a small company because of how much I have learned and continue to learn each day. Being a part of a small company is hard to compare to, you're always learning and growing in so many different ways! 
How have you been getting through (solitary confinement) I mean quarantine? 
I've been watching tons of Netflix, drinking wine, and doing at home workout classes. 
Is there anything new you learned about yourself during this time? 
I have a new profound love for Salt & Vinegar chips. 
The biggest adjustment for you during this time? 
It’s been a challenge to slow down. Reflection can be uncomfortable but having this " pause” gives me a chance to think of others and be grateful for what I have. Life is precious and I am embracing those around me. It will be a different world out there for sure, but I am hopeful we all will be better people because of it. I plan to give back in any way I can, and for now keeping those safe around me. 
Describe how it differs working for a small company?
Hands down working for a small company is an experience like no other. A large corporation role is often defined very clearly. In a small company, there is a lot of cross over and with this comes understanding different facets of the business and interacting with colleagues that you likely would not have had the opportunity to work with. I continually feel part of the team and learn from others by listening and doing. Without confinement to a solitary role, this gives freedom and better productivity.
What have you been doing differently with your spare time now being in Isolation?
Online workout videos, Netflix and FaceTime/Zoom with family/friends.  I have been binging on Schitts’s Creek, always a good laugh! Lastly, lots of cooking and baking… I may come out a little chubbier but sure am eating well.  Wine helps too!
What is the first thing you will do when out of isolation?
Hug friends, have a dance party.
What is something new that you have discovered  you can't live without since going into isolation?
Deeper, more meaningful communication & connection with family, friends, loved ones. 
What is your number 1 go-to when you want to lift your mood and brighten your day?
Sunshine, fresh air. 


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